#365words (EN)

[Sorry, my English sucks :(]

#365words is my big project for 2017.

It is a sort of one year in words: everyday, from Jan 1st to Dec 31st, you choose a word, you write it down on your notebook, and you note its definition. You just need a notebook, a pen, and a dictionary.

This project means a lot to me, and I’m glad that so many people loved the idea and are going to start this thrilling adventure with me.

This page is meant to be a sort of map to help us (and above all to help me!not to go off course during our trip.

You may start your own #365words the way you want, you are not obliged to follow any rules; freedom is the key.

But if you want to share your #365words, you should use social networks: Instagram and Facebook.

On Instagram:

Publish your #365words photos.

[Use tags: #365words and #365wordsday1, #365wordsday2, #365wordsday3 and so on, the last being #365wordsday365. It will be easier for me to follow you.

Each week, I’ll make a collage of my favourite #365words, and by using tags you’ll help me to find you.]

On Facebook:

Subscribe the group  365wordsproject.

[Being a closed group, you’ll have to suscribe.

For each day of 2017 there will be a post, going from day1 to day365. You can add your #365words photos in comments and maybe tell why you’ve chosen to write that word down that particular day.]